people call me all sorts of things, but right now i'm feeling like michelle. we'll see how long that lasts. 19. all over the fucking globe. a lot gay, a little straight. i'm every bit as bitter and jaded as i seem. this is a clusterfuck wherein there be art, literature, landscapes, and the like and the unlike.


  so i’m michelle. or elle. or whatever the fuck you want to call me really i don’t care i’ve lost count of all the names people have given me over the years. 

i’m 19 and go to uni at st andrews for english lit. currently on a leave though.

i have the dullest personality you will ever have the displeasure of enduring. 

i am shit at about me pages. feel free to go sniffing away at my askbox for any info i have left out. 

things you will find on this blog: a clusterfuck of nonsense; generally anything that strikes my fancy. 

something you should know: i don’t follow back unless i think your blog is the best thing since pre-sliced bread. i am super picky. please don’t take it personally.

another thing you should know: i have no boundaries so any questions you have, shoot and don’t even be ashamed. 

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