people call me all sorts of things, but right now i'm feeling like michelle. we'll see how long that lasts. 19. all over the fucking globe. a lot gay, a little straight. i'm every bit as bitter and jaded as i seem. this is a clusterfuck wherein there be art, literature, landscapes, and the like and the unlike.


It is really unlike anything I have ever done with writing before. I wasn’t so keen on the idea in the beginning, but I am really starting to love the group dynamic of intertwining the lives of all the different (and extremely eccentric) inhabitants of the town and making the entire group dynamic function smoothly.

I highly suggest writing in a group. It takes you far away from your comfort zone and forces you to share what you’ve written with others in order to be critiqued. 

It is also a really wonderful way to get the creativity and imagination flowing. We feed off of one another’s ideas and energies and constantly build upon one another. 

In short, I have loved almost every minute of it.

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