people call me all sorts of things, but right now i'm feeling like michelle. we'll see how long that lasts. 19. all over the fucking globe. a lot gay, a little straight. i'm every bit as bitter and jaded as i seem. this is a clusterfuck wherein there be art, literature, landscapes, and the like and the unlike.
how does one facial expression

how does one facial expression

My weekend: 

The Black Keys

Explosions in the Sky (fucking magic, to be honest)


Bon Iver

Miike Snow

The Shins


St. Vincent (ineffable. infuckingeffable.)

Laura Marling

The Head & the Heart

Florence + the Machine (she’s a goddess, but I did enjoy her Reno performance more if only because there was a much smaller crowd)

Beirut (holy shit. that’s all.)

Gotye (raging at the universe because the only reason I went to see him was to see Kimbra, but she apparently had other engagements)

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, & Tupac (though they’re all completely irrelevant to my life, I got to see part of their performance from the top of a Ferris wheel which is pretty damn spectacular if you ask me)

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What my day is looking like:

  • a shower
  • heading to the polo field for Coachella!
  • wandering around the grounds in heat that is likely to steal away my life’s breath
  • but no really I just spent ten minutes outside next to my family’s pool and holy shit I think I lost ten years
  • and I think I got a sunburn
  • regardless of the fact that I applied at least four layers of sunscreen
  • I’m probably going to pass out at some point
  • ahhhh, it’s worth it
  • why am I writing in bullets?
  • anyway, that’s what my day is comprised of
  • perhaps I’ll post a list of all the bands Steph and I see today!
  • that’s all.

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