how does one facial expression

how does one facial expression

The Black Keys

Explosions in the Sky (fucking magic, to be honest)


Bon Iver

Miike Snow

The Shins


St. Vincent (ineffable. infuckingeffable.)

Laura Marling

The Head & the Heart

Florence + the Machine (she’s a goddess, but I did enjoy her Reno performance more if only because there was a much smaller crowd)

Beirut (holy shit. that’s all.)

Gotye (raging at the universe because the only reason I went to see him was to see Kimbra, but she apparently had other engagements)

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, & Tupac (though they’re all completely irrelevant to my life, I got to see part of their performance from the top of a Ferris wheel which is pretty damn spectacular if you ask me)

What my day is looking like:

  • a shower
  • heading to the polo field for Coachella!
  • wandering around the grounds in heat that is likely to steal away my life’s breath
  • but no really I just spent ten minutes outside next to my family’s pool and holy shit I think I lost ten years
  • and I think I got a sunburn
  • regardless of the fact that I applied at least four layers of sunscreen
  • I’m probably going to pass out at some point
  • ahhhh, it’s worth it
  • why am I writing in bullets?
  • anyway, that’s what my day is comprised of
  • perhaps I’ll post a list of all the bands Steph and I see today!
  • that’s all.